"Welcome to Berlin!"

Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety:

Copyright: BMU/Sascha Hilgers
Copyright: BMU/Sascha Hilgers

"We all enjoy the benefits of technology and the digital age: We have mobility both professionally and personally, can access a wealth of information in just a few clicks and are networked around the globe. However, we also work and live in an increasingly digital consumer society where we are urged on a daily basis to buy and use new products. Digitalisation, or to be more precise, data centre operation, streaming and digital end-user devices all require more and more energy and resources.

Therefore, one of the main challenges of our time concerns how we generate energy, how much of this energy we consume and what we use it for. How do we manage our limited resources?

I am delighted that you are here at the EnergyEfficiencyHack2020 to explore these questions and tackle specific issues such as how to make office buildings carbon neutral and what companies need in order to offer their staff electric mobility options.

You have just two days to come up with your solutions, which is of course what makes a hack so exciting and challenging. Frankly speaking, a few years ago, no one would have believed that such fruitful ideas could be yielded in so short a time. At the BMU hackathon Code4Green I saw for myself the brilliant results that an event of this kind can deliver.

I cannot wait to see what promising ideas will emerge over the two days at the EnergyEfficiencyHack2020. I wish all teams the best of luck, many creative exchanges and lots of fun.

Thank you for taking part in the EnergyEfficiencyHack2020."

Ramona Pop, Mayor of Berlin and Senator for
Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises:

Copyright: Hoffotografen
Copyright: Hoffotografen

"The EnergyEfficiencyHack2020 takes place in Berlin for the fourth time in a row and I warmly welcome you at this highly inspiring event.

Berlin ist the place to be. The capital stands for creativity, high innovation dynamism, young top professional talents, internationally renowned scientifc institutions and research facilities and in particular for a very vibrant start-up scene.

Whether in enterprises, universities, start-ups or in incubators and accelerators – everywhere in Berlin people work on visionary ideas and solutions to protect our climate and to successfully implement the energy transition on a regional, national or global scale. Innovation starts when barriers and patterns are disrupted by a fresh and cross-disciplinary approach. I am sure, you will make that happen during the Energy Efficiency Hackathon.

And your outcome is of great interest to us: With the Energy Transition Act Berlin has set itself the ambitious target to become climate neutral until 2050. It plays an important role to fully use the potential of energy efficiency in order to minimize our energy consumption.

With creativity, collaboration, smartness and by using the chances of digitalization you will directly contribute to solve current challenges of the energy transition while developing sustainable business models at the same time.

Energy efficiency is not a burden but a great opportunity and I am glad you grasp it at the EnergyEfficiencyHack2020 in Berlin."