Germany’s Minister for the Environment says „hello“!

The Paris Agreement commits us to achieving extensive greenhouse gas neutrality in Germany by 2050. Our goal by 2030 is to avoid more than half of all greenhouse gas emissions in Germany. All sectors have to play their part: industry, buildings, transport, agriculture and service.

Our priority is to significantly reduce energy consumption in all areas, especially where fossil fuels are used. However, the availability of renewable energies will remain limited in future. So energy efficiency is not just the order of the day. Its contribution to climate action will also continue to increase in future. Energy efficiency cuts energy costs. And often, it is also a driving force for new, more effective technologies that lead to competitive advantages. This is without doubt an incentive to develop business models in this field.

And this is precisely the goal at the DENEFF hackathon: It is an opportunity for young experts and companies to develop suitable business models to tackle the challenge of climate action. Every single participant is undoubtedly entering a large and dynamic market of the future. I think this is great – which is why I was very happy to become patron.

I wish all participants an exciting and creative time and every success.

Svenja Schulze