The German Economy Minister says „hello“!

Message of greeting by Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, for the Energy Efficiency Hack 2018

© Susie Knoll

Energy efficiency pays off. The cleanest and cheapest energy is the energy that we do not use in the first place. Therefore we need to further improve energy efficiency and thus reduce energy consumption. Higher energy efficiency is necessary to reach our national energy and climate targets. Our energy policy is based on this insight: where this makes sense in economic terms, demand for energy is reduced perceptibly and sustainably by improving energy efficiency – this is the ‚efficiency first‘ principle. Together with the expansion of the use of renewable energies and sector coupling, we can thus reach our CO2 reduction targets.

Higher energy efficiency also helps our companies to stay competitive at the global level. Companies which use less resources and produce lower emissions already have and will continue to have key cost advantages. Furthermore, the desire to save energy is creating new business models benefiting German firms on international markets and helping promote the energy transition.

We want Germany to remain one of the most innovative countries in the energy sector. We want German firms to remain global leaders in the field of forward-looking technologies. To reach these targets, we must also be prepared to take new approaches – like the Energy Efficiency Hack. Therefore I am very pleased that DENEFF is again organising this successful format in 2018.

As participants in the 2018 Energy Efficiency Hack, you have the opportunity to feed in your ideas. You will work together to solve tasks, compete with other teams and present your ideas to the jury. And you will have the opportunity to put the ‚efficiency first‘ principle into practice. Whether you are still going to university, writing your thesis or thinking about a job: we need your creativity and energy to make further progress in the field of energy efficiency.

I wish you much success, many good ideas and a lot of fun at the 2018 Energy Efficiency Hack. I look forward to your solutions.


Brigitte Zypries
Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy